New Home Inspections

With new home inspections becoming more popular it is very important that the inspector reviews manufacturers installation instructions. One would assume that builder’s would be installing products to manufacturers specs and current B.C. Building Code but unfortunately it’s just not the case. In this new home the specifications were reviewed which found the manufacturers installation instructions specifically state that this flooring must not be installed in bathrooms as this will void the product warranty. Also the manufacturer states that the cabinets and island must be installed prior or laying the flooring. The island had been installed over top of the floor which would also void the product warranty as expansion contraction would be limited. This concern was brought to the builders attention and the flooring was replaced.

Age Doesn’t Matter – Home Inspections Are Required

Just because your home is new, has occupancy, and passed city code inspections, do you think that it is safe to live in? For many, the common-sense answer would be yes. But, here’s a great example of why you should have your home inspected. I came across this safety issue in a townhouse that was only 5 years old.

It’s amazing how many times I have come across fresh air intake problems. Fresh air intake issues can lead to producing dangerous carbon monoxide, as well as poor efficiency and damage to gas burning appliances. This concern is particularly alarming, as I am fairly certain that every furnace room in the townhouse complex may be installed the same way.

The concern here is that the contractor installed the wrong type of vent cover – one that has a flapper which doesn’t allow fresh air to enter the furnace room. This is a significant safety concern – but it can be easily fixed by removing the flapper or changing the vent cover. My client was notified of this concern. It was recommended to contact the strata to have this issue potentially resolved throughout the townhouse complex.