Depreciation Reports

Recently, I was reviewing a depreciation report for a client and I found a glaring error. The depreciation report stated that the water supply piping was copper and had a 50 year life expectancy. However, during the inspection I noted that the supply piping was NOT copper but polybutylene pipe. This was an important detail and I provided all the information to my clients about polybutylene pipe. I always inform my clients about the history, condition, life expectancy and potential concerns with building components. It’s very important that inspectors explain all the of the details as omissions like this could lead to a lawsuit. Home Inspectors will always find concerns like plumbing leaks, rodents and damage but taking the time to provide ALL of the information about the home must be a priority. Also spending the time to fully inspect the home while on site and NOT producing “instant” reports will give clients far more information. My advice don’t get caught up with inexpensive home inspectors most likely they are more interested in getting to the NEXT inspection than providing the best possible service. Lastly, to quote a highly respected colleague “A home inspection is not a race”

Building Envelope Upgrades

  • While inspecting the exterior of this building I came across multiple concerns. This building was constructed in the 1990’s which had face sealed stucco, original aluminum windows with wood trim and no flashings. There was significant concern for moisture ingress as the building envelope was not up to current BC building code standards. I recognize that building code changes over the years but there were multiple components on the building that will require significant upgrades. These types of concerns must be noted during the inspection as it could be a significant expense for the potential buyers of the condo.

Holy Vermiculite – AHERA Building Inspector

Did you know that asbestos remediation can cost thousands of dollars? Concerns like this are usually found in older homes and should be tested for asbestos. Giving up your subject to inspect most likely won’t reveal issues like this which could be a significant expense.

Asbestos can cause serious serious health concerns and I made it a priority to educate myself about these issues. That being said I am excited to announce that I am now a AHERA Building Inspector. Which allows me to offer complete Asbestos surveys as part of my home Inspection services. These surveys will involve sampling and reporting on potential asbestos containing materials.