New Home Warranty



The Homeowner Protection Act and regulations requires that all new homes built in the province of British Columbia are covered by mandatory, third-party home warranty insurance. Although this provides the strongest defect insurance that there is, unfortunately many new home owners are not aware of what exactly is covered, and for how long.

As stated by BC Housing, the minimum home warranty insurance coverage includes:

• 2 years on labour and materials (some limits apply)

• 5 years on the building envelope, including water penetration

• 10 years on the structure of the home

From issues leftover from the new construction process, such as missing components, damage, and overall poor quality workmanship, to failed building materials – there are several possible sources of risk, defects or problems that may occur during the first few years of new home. Many of these issues, the homeowner may not even be aware of.

There is a general misconception that all elements of a new home are covered for the first 2 years – however, this is not the case. Limits apply to the what is covered by home warranty insurance coverage as it pertains to ‘2 year on labour and materials’ – elements may be covered only for the first year. As a result, home owners should consider a New Home Warranty Inspection within the first year after taking possession of their new home, townhouse or condo.

A New Home Warranty Inspection conducted by ENG Inspections within the first year – or 2, 5 or 10 years, may help to find the items that should be repaired under the home warranty insurance coverage.

Nigel has previous success, not only detecting defects and communicating them to the builder, but also ensuring that they are fixed appropriately.

Sometimes builders will need a little extra ‘push’ to get the necessary issues fixed – often ‘adequate information’ is required prior to making a claim. This is where a New Home Warranty Inspection Report can help, by providing photographs and detailed write-ups of the issues, as well as use the latest tools and technology to aid with this process.

A New Home Warranty Inspection by ENG Inspections will help not only with detection, but also improve the chances of items getting repaired under warranty by the builder.



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