ENG Inspections Inc. is a professional, experienced and independently operated company that offers a range of Home Inspection Services throughout Vancouver and The Lower Mainland. Nigel from ENG Inspections goal is to provide accurate, thorough and trustworthy services to help clients make informed decisions.

From initial contact, to answering questions even after the final report is delivered, Nigel from ENG Inspections provides a client-centered approach to every inspection by exceeding the industry standards. Use of the latest technology and tools – such as a comprehensive reporting system and thermal-imaging camera, enables an time-efficient inspection for a variety of residential property types.




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ENG Inspections offers the following services for all municipalities within the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, Greater Vancouver Area, Fraser Valley and the Squamish-Lillooet District.


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There are many questions when it comes to your home inspection. ENG inspections is always available to help you through the process, by providing a free introductory consultation. Typically home inspection prices can range which is determined by type, size, age and location. To book an inspection or for more information on pricing and availability call 778.302.4663 or fill out the contact page.


Owner of ENG Inspections, Nigel Greenidge CHI, is a Licensed Home Inspector that has performed hundreds of home inspections throughout Vancouver and The Lower Mainland. Nigel also has extensive experience in new construction, renovations and contracting which gives him an advantage as an inspector. Through Nigel’s experience, background, attention to detail and dedication, with ENG Inspections clients gain the information and confidence needed to make the most informed decision possible.



I’m finding it very difficult to post anything of relevance as there is much bigger concerns going on right now. Inspections are continuing but with limitations, extra care and caution. Check this one out, I almost turned it on and walked away 😕😱💧 Reminder - It is very important to check all connections before turning on appliances. #fail #laundry #flood #washer #clothes #GTL #oops #damage #homeinspection #sunday #sundayfunday ...

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Inspections are continuing but with extreme caution and limiting exposure to everyone. Definitely very uncertain times, these next few months are typically the busiest for inspectors but we will all have to do our part to limit this virus. #safe #besafe #safetyfirst #virus #coronavirus #safety #covid_19 #homeinspections #sad #hope ...

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Surprise 🥳 When you find a bathroom inside a closet! Alterations like this could have safety concerns and cause significant damage to a home. ALWAYS pull a permit when making alterations like this, remember permits are REQUIRED to protect the public. #surprise #always #permit #safety #safetyfirst #bathroom #fail #no #required #nope ...

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When choosing a home inspector here are some tips and questions to ask for both real estate agents and buyers: Confirm experience, not only the number of years, but the types of homes inspected. Are they full-time or part-time and how many inspections have they performed? Is the inspector a CPBC trainer or evaluator and are they with any other associations, also do they have a construction background. It’s important to ask how will the findings be presented and will the report be produced onsite or the next day. What format will the report be in? Emailed with pictures or paper - check box or narrative or both? In my opinion best reports I have read will have detailed information about defects which creates less confusion for all parties involved. Also what tools will be used? Typically most inspector will use a moisture meter, thermal imaging camera and combustible gas detector. Some inspectors are starting to use more complicated equipment like drones for roofs that are not accessible. From my experience most people do not ask these questions and the inspector should be able to answer them all without hesitation. #research #questions #ask #help #homeinspection #knowledge #tip #tipoftheday #choices ...

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This beam was not adequately supported which was face nailed to a column and did not have a adequate footing. #fail #support #deck #permit #safety #safetyfirst #no #homeinspection #tuesday ...

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The entire parking garage had significant cracking and active water leaks, there was a lot more than “several cracks”. I agree with the statement in this report that they have been addressed with make shift gutter systems but not repaired. When a parking garage is in this condition it will require expensive repairs which could be beyond the contingency reserve fund. #fail #truth #dontbelieve #report #repairs #lies #gutter #money #expensive ...

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🚨Happy Family Day! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Don’t let your family or friends buy a home without a Inspector that spends their time observing the home and NOT producing onsite reports. A detailed report is a very important part of the inspection because the clients will most likely never remember everything the inspector said. This deck membrane had been leaking for so long that there was actually no sheathing below and was basically held together by the liquid applied membrane. My clients admitted while reviewing the findings that they were thinking about not getting the inspection and they did not notice the damaged deck. The damage to deck also surprised me as it did not look that bad until I could feel the membrane moving below the guard rail. #family #holiday #longweekend #damage #fail #safety #safetyfirst #dont #monday #mondaymotivation #homeinspection ...

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