New Home Deficiency


The expectation when you buy a newly constructed home is that it will be perfect. However, the reality is, the process of building a home, townhouse or condo is no simple feat.

Construction sites are complex, busy, and at times can be overwhelming for the builder or the construction management company. With multiple trades on site, and several elements that go into the construction process, often there can be missing components, damage, and overall poor quality workmanship. Sometimes these issues are caught by the builder – but many times they are not. This can lead to costly repairs, safety issues, and overall stress for the home owner, as well as possible future problems with getting coverage through New Home Warranty.

The goal of ENG Inspections’ New Home Deficiency Inspection service is to find any damage or missed items left over from the construction process. Nigel has spent significant time working in the new home industry, and has extensive experience working hands-on with builders and construction management companies.

As a result, new home owners can feel more comfortable and confident when getting a New Home Deficiency Inspection with ENG Inspections.



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