Home Safety

Attention parents with small children – I always come across these plastic receptacle plugs that prevent children from sticking objects into the slots. What’s interesting to note is that if your home is newer and the receptacles have TR embossed on the front that means they are tamper resistant. Tamper resistant receptacles were designed help prevent children from getting an electrical shock. This does not mean that it’s impossible to stick objects into the slots and get a shock but it makes it very difficult. There is actually little plastics pieces inside the slots that must both be engaged to open and allow an object through. To be totally safe the plastic plugs are your best bet but it is nice to know there is added safety features in your home just in case. I can remember getting shocked quite a few times when I was kid and because of that always keep the little ones in mind during a inspection. #safety #safetyfirst #child #parents #info #didyouknow #homeinspector #enginspections

Electrical Safety

This 40 amp breaker had #14 gauge wiring which should have #8 stranded copper. The #14 gauge wire could overheat and fail before the breaker trips, this is a serious concern. Also this 40 amp breaker was for a hot tub and not GFCI rated which is also a serious safety concern. GFCI – Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors trip the power when a imbalance is detected. This safety device protects people from electrical shock and is very important for a hot tub or pool. #fail #safetyfirst #safe #health #danger #hottub #electrical #homeinspector #enginspections #pool

New Roof Failure

Warning! Even when a building component has been recently replaced it still must be inspected. This home had a new roof installed which was around the 3 years old. There was multiple concerns with this “new” roof as there was still 2 layers of old shingles below which will increase the load on the rafters. Also the rafters in the attic were detaching and cracking which is a serious concern as repairs to this home would be significant. Most likely this roof will need to be removed and the rafters replaced as heavy snow loads could cause complete failure. #fail #roofing #no #itsnew #homeinspector #enginspections #scary #failure #walkaway